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    $349.00/month flat fee, no hidden costs, no monthly price increases.
    ** Free one milligram of methylated vitamin B12 weekly. 

    **Referral bonus of one free injection per month per patient referred, (while on program)!


    We provide accelerated dosing protocols at half the cost and twice as fast as the big online corporations and local franchises with a higher standard of care. 30-Year Florida licensed, private practice provider, and highest rated Florida licensed PharmD owned FDA compliant compounding pharmacy.


    Be aware, online prescription websites and brick and mortar medspas utilize low dose diabetic protocols and are charging up to $200.00 per milligram and much more.


    Our goal is to provide an affordable way for working people to have access to this breakthrough therapy. We are the alternative to the weightloss industrial complex and greedy corporate profiteering.



    Typical Online or Clinic Protocol - You do the Math:

    What did the first month cost? $400.00 for four shots totalling one milligram = $400/mg!

    What about second or third month? Perhaps $500.00 for four shots and a total of two milligrams = $250/mg!

    How about that fourth month? How about $1000 for four shots totalling 4 milligrams =$250/mg!

    **Don't over pay thousands more for inferior care and low dosed medication.



    **An increasing number of medical weight loss practices across America have developed accelerated protocols with semaglutide therapy and we have also. It has proven safe and effective, however, this technique requires in-person supervision by medical staff and extensive patient education with close follow-up. Poorly supervised modalities like online prescribing or customer service staff managing is not appropriate.


    Large national corporations typically operate these online or franchise operations. Rule changes from the pandemic allowed a single medical director with 50-State or multi-state licensure to write a protocol, and the individual outlets have to follow it (or risk practicing medicine without a license if altered). The remote treatment of these patients is a low health care standard. Usually these businesses are staffed with a minimally licensed techs to inject or dispense medications. We are an autonomous private practice. Our protocols are established and prescribed under the medical director's orders, and within the scope of Florida statutes.


    We have did utilize Tirzepritide in the past but our patients did not tolerate this compound as well as Semaglutide. It required a much higher dose and was about twice as expensive. We discontinued it in our opinion the gold standard is Semaglutide..



    **Please be wary of social media and laypersons advice about Semaglutide. 


    Many laypersons have become ambitious as commission based online influencers and affiliate marketers They give out uncredentialed, foolish medical advice and misinformation. They are unlicensed with no understanding of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Trust licensed medically credentialed clinicians who have prescribing authority and are familiar with GLP-1, NOT SALES STAFF


    Here at Lifeforce our provider is by your side the entire journey to guide and teach you everything you need to succeed. Medical questions are answered by medical staff - NOT customer service or sales reps!


    No middle men. No sales. No customer service representatives or answering services.


    Online prescriptions are actually more expensive and offer a far lower standard of care through remote practice - charging more each succesive month as dose increases. Locally some clinicsa start around $400.00 a month and increase to $1000.00 a month, then add hidden fees, subscriptions and auto pay. Patients should not be left on their own with this medication. It is a serious prescription medication, not a vitamin or supplement and misuse has lead to an increase in Emergency Room visits. We believe close medical supervision avoids this. 



    **There are two protocols for Semaglutide. The first is for diabetic patients which requires a lower and slower (micro-dosing) protocol. Diabetic patients are medically fragile and require a low/slow cycle.


    The LIFEFORCE protocol is for non-diabetic weight loss patients who will tolerate accelerated dosing. Most weight loss clinics, medispas, and online companies use diabetic protocols for weight loss. This ends up dragging out the course of treatment, slowing the results, and costing much more.


    Our protocols are 100% weight loss focused, more than two times faster in reaching maximum dose (10 weeks vs 20 weeks) - with direct medical supervision and close follow-up with 24/7 on-call medical staff.

    Purest/Safest medications, third-party lab tested, no supply shortages.


    **Lifeforce is a private medical practice. Not a franchise, medspa, or web-based business. 


    Semaglutide online and medspa doses using Diabetic protocols:

    (Requires 20 weeks to reach highest dose of 2.4 milligrams)


    Week one: 0.25 mg (10 units)

    Week two: 0.25 mg (10 units)

    Week three: 0.25 mg (10 units)

    Week four: 0.25 mg (10 units)

    Week five: 0.5 mg (20 units)

    Week six: 0.5 mg (20 units)

    Week seven: 0.5 mg (20 units)

    Week eight: 0.5 mg (20 units)

    Week nine: 1.0 mg (40 units)

    Week ten: 1.0 mg (40 units)

    Week eleven: 1.0 mg (40 units)

    Week twelve: 1.0 mg (40 units)

    (Reference: Drugs.com 2023 Nov)


    This diabetic protocol provides three month with total dosing of only 7.0 milligrams.

    **Three months, twelve injections, and only 7.0 milligrams given and you still have two more months until maximum dose with prices of $200 to $300 per milligram!




    **Lifeforce will deliver you over 18 milligrams in the same 3 months at half the cost of providers using diabetic dosing protocols, our accelerated protocols arefaster and cost closer to $50,00 per milligran average.


    ...do the math!




    This is Lifeforce weekly accelerated protocol for non-diabetic weightloss patients.  

    Lifeforce Semaglutide accelerated dosing non-Diabetic Protocol:

    ( Requires only 10 weeks to reach maximum dose of 2.4 milligrams)   


    **All dosing is individualized and adjusted with ongoing close monitoring 24/7 on call medical.


    Three month total doses = 18.4 mg average cost is about $50.00 per milligam average.


    **We can offer this pricing because we run a low overhead clinic. We are not a corporate operation; we did NOT: purchase a franchise, we dont rent a medical director or pay an expensive marketing team or work in a fancy office space - and this wesite is do it yourself! Thankfully we can pass those savings on to our patients in Brevard County Florida!




    "We serve our community with healers' hearts with a sense of purpose in our work. We are witness to the patient transformation in front of our eyes. Honestly, this is far more than just weight loss. Health goals once thought hopeless are now a reality. Youthful energy is restored and the body once wished for returns. The greatest of these changes is newfound optimism and hope that anything is possible again."


    - Brian Whaley ARNP-BC Director



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    "Looks like me a long time ago!

    Thank you Lifeforce!"

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    "Brian demonstrates kindness, wisdom and expertise! This is for real and so is my new body and new outlook on life. Love Sarah!"

    - Andrea S.

    Melbourne Florida

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    "I feel so good! I am looking even better! Brian and Sarah are amazing!"

    - Brianna B.

    Melbourne Florida

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    "In just a few months my whole body has changed, this is a new life, like a miracle for me. Kisses and Hugs!"

    - Christy W.

    Rockledge Florida 

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    "My Blue Ribbon was won because I got healthy enough to compete again! God Bless you guys!"

    - Katherine H.


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    "I have been Brian's patient for almost 20 years and he is the best! Top notch professional medical care and results that speak for thenself. Lifeforce is a healing force. I feel amazing! Sarah is a sweet and beautiful too."

    - Misty T.

    Melbourne Florida

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    "Now my workouts actually show! Thank you Lifeforce!"

    - Alex L.

    West Palm Beach Florida

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    "I havent seen my obliques for a minute! Thanks guys!"

    - Tim W.

    Rockledge Florida

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    "I never dreamed this was possible, every hope was fulfilled! Thank you, Sarah and Brian."

    - Heather H.

    Palm Bay Florida

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    "Just amazing! No words except thanks!"

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    "What a transformation this has been for me!"

    - Jess H.

    Melbourne Florida

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     Sarah & Brian Whaley: National Board Certified Autonomous ARNP. Georgetown graduate, 30-Year Florida licensed, and Intensivist trained. Regenerative medicine GLP-1 expert.

    Expert care from your hometown friends and neighbors~

    Sarah & Brian Whaley: National Board Certified Autonomous ARNP. Georgetown graduate, 30-Year Florida licensed, and Intensivist trained. Regenerative medicine GLP-1 expert.
    Expert care from your hometown friends and neighbors~


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